Friendship & support for the motherhood journey.

The goal of Amador  County Mother’s Club is to create an environment of support, education, and socialization for mothers of young children and their families in Amador County.

The Mothers’ Club of Amador County offers a place for mothers to discuss common interests, share resources and emotional support.

As a member of the Mothers Club of Amador County, you benefit from:

  • Recommendations on local resources
  • Support from other moms
  • Workshops, speaking events and enrichment activties
  • Playgroups
  • Adult social events
  • Meal Train for new mothers

To join Mother’s Club of Amador County, please visit Join MCAC page and register. 

Mothers Club of Amador County respects your privacy and promises to keep any personal information strictly confidential.
MCAC provides playgroups, fieldtrips, parties, meals, support, endless variety of enriching activities to moms in Amador County.
The Mothers Club of Amador County is open to all moms.

4 thoughts on “Friendship & support for the motherhood journey.

  1. I’m the grandparent for a 4 year old and à 2 year old. I look forward in joining and meeting all mothers. Thank you for having this exciting club.

  2. Hay there! I’m trying to connect and get involved in this group!!! Please let me know how! I’ve signed up, emailed and called! 😦
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Ashley,

    It was great to meet you at our monthly Mommy Mingle! I’m so sorry for the troubles but sure hope everything goes smooth for us going forward. We should have you on our email distribution for the newsletter, and please join our Facebook group, for the most up to date information. Thank you!

    Amber Hoiska
    MCAC Director

  4. Hi Amber, this is Cathy Vanderford from ATCAA, I would like the opportunity to speak for 15 minutes at a meeting in the next months as we are the “Covered California” local reps. (The new health care options, via the Affordable Care Act.) Pat Porto suggested this plan! Please call or email asap! 223-1485 x 0

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